RYDAR – Assistant for rideshare driver-partners

Optimize your driving for Uber® and boost earnings! RYDAR will suggest you where to drive at the moment, help plan your work in advance and manage tax deductions.

Use surge alerts for your type of Uber car to get the highest-paid trips. Check info about surge on the map, and follow alerts about surge increase and decrease within selected area.

RYDAR will show you where your riders hang out. And more – it will suggest you where to go right now to get the highest-paid trips.

View the list of upcoming music and sports events for the next 3 months, add the most interesting to your schedule and get alerts when it’s time to drive there and pick up riders who head home.

Track your miles automatically and easily add rideshare-specific expenses. RYDAR ensures accurate capture of every trip, automatic classification and provides detailed IRS-ready tax reports.

– Wait points: Perfect destination spots suggested by sophisticated algorithms. Head there to pick up riders and get the highest-paid trips.
– Hotspots: Places where riders called for a car yesterday, the day before and will call today based on the history of pick-ups.
– Surge: Push notifications when Uber surge increases and decreases nearby.
– Events: Scroll the list of big upcoming events and add them to your calendar.
– Expenses: Easily add all rideshare-specific expenses.
– Mileage tracker: Convenient way to track your business and personal trips and calculate tax deductions.
– Uber® Driver API: Official API provided by Uber for your convenience.

We’re constantly working to improve the app and make your rideshare trips even more effective. Please stay in touch and share your feedback and suggestions with us:

Support email: [email protected]

RYDAR is not a financial advisor. All information provided by the app is for educational purposes only. Please seek advice from qualified tax professionals.

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