Running Calculator is an application designed for runners by runners. It will perform a lot of the calculations that we tend to need for running and also provides accurate predictions of race finish times and gives you your racing splits and age graded performance.

Run Pace Calculator
The main calculator takes in any combination of pace/speed, distance and time and instantly updates the other fields as soon as enough information is present. Standard running race distances are available for selection, or alternatively you can enter custom distances in miles or kilometers. Along with minutes per mile and minutes per kilometer, speed fields are also available in kilometers per hour, miles per hour and meters per second. This is particularly useful if you run on a treadmill and wish to analyse your run.

Age Grades
Age graded performance is available for 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon runs. This is a ratio of your time compared to the best time on record for your age and gender.

Equivalent Performances
If you have a race time and you would like to get an estimate of what you might aim for in another race you can use the predictions screen. Here you enter a time for any of the provided distances and all other distances instantly update with your predicted finish time at that distance. This is also a nice feature when you want to compare your 5k time with a friends marathon time.

Race Splits
Finally you can plan for your next race using the racing splits screen. Pick a distance, enter your time and we’ll display the splits that you will need to hit for that time, assuming an even pace. You can configure whether you would like the splits listed per kilometer, per mile, per 400m, per 5 kilometers and per 5 miles.

Additional Functionality:
Convert between minutes per mile, minutes per kilometer and minutes per 400m by modifying the pace field.
Convert between miles and kilometers using the Custom KM and Custom Miles distances.
Scale your race time to another distance by modifying the distance field. Pace is maintained and the time updates accordingly.
Store preferences to avoid entering the same details multiple times
Very small native android app with google material design for a familiar look and feel

Happy Running!

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Category: Sports
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up