Royal Darlings is back with more fun for kids, including a new princess, two new pets and caring activities!

Princesses Carmen, Caroline and the newcomer, Julia, share their beautiful castle home with their best friends: four cute and cuddly kitties named Star, Ruby, Pearl and Sophie. Have fun dressing and styling the princesses while helping them care for and pamper their fluffy besties.

Charming and social, Julia loves to relax at the spa once she’s done with her royal meetings. Choose from the many tools in the new spa branch to help her feel relaxed and release the stress!

Always bubbly and friendly, Carmen loves to play with make up and has a range of colors for you to choose from! Create a unique look each time you play, making sure that Carmen is the bell of the ball everywhere she goes.

Elegant and sophisticated, Caroline enjoys trying new styles with her hair. Change the color and style it so she can join her sister at a royal event.

Oh, no! Sophie’s in pain! She ate too fast and a fishbone got stuck in, and infected, her mouth! Use your dentist tools to fix her tooth and help her feel better again!

Baby Pearl is the younger from the litter but loves to get her paws on the kitchen anytime she can! Help her create a special dessert and flavor it as you wish!

Little Ruby loves color as much as her best friend Carmen. Give her a manicure and try all sorts of color combinations every time you play!

Caroline’s little Star is sick! Off to the royal doctor where she’ll need your help to treat her symptoms and make her better. Don’t forget to check her heart and make sure she takes her medicine!

Tons of clothes and accessories to choose from for the three princesses!

Dress up time for the litter! Choose from a big selection of garments and accessories, including collars, earrings and bows! Create their crowns using diamonds, rubies and sapphires!

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