This app replaces my original Roulette Trainer app, which kept crashing. Due to coding problems, my solution was to create a brand new app, Roulette Trainer 2.
I am offering Roulette Trainer 2 for .99c until November 12, 2017, after which the price will revert to $2.99. Please share as much as you can while the price is just .99c.

Even with the crashes, my original Roulette Trainer app had pretty good reviews, but as I am starting from scratch with Roulette Trainer 2, would you mind leaving a review please, as I have some serious review catching up to do!


Designed BY casino professionals, FOR casino professionals.


Would you like to learn and practice ROULETTE TIMES TABLES, PICTURE BETS and PAYOUT SCENARIOS, by seeing gorgeous renderings of 3D chips on a realistic roulette layout?

THIS is the app for YOU!

I learned how to deal roulette over 25 years ago. Back then, I used paper and a pen to learn my roulette times tables and picture bets, and it was SO hard! I designed this app to make it much easier, and much more fun, for YOU. All the best, Cathryn Leasure.



The app is separated into two sections; American Roulette and European Roulette.

American roulette layout has a single zero, AND a double zero.

European roulette layout has only a single zero.

I’ve separated the app into American and European roulette, so only the correct bets are shown in each version.


Learn, and practice, roulette times tables, by seeing 3D chips on a realistic layout.
17 times table (splits)
35 times table (straight ups)
8 times table (corners)
11 times table (streets)
5 times table (six lines)
6 times table (top five) – used in American Roulette only


Learn and practice picture bets.

Picture bets are the key to being able to add up payouts quickly. The more picture bets you memorize, the faster you’ll be able to add up bets.

I’ve included names for the picture bets, to help you remember them.


Start out easy by choosing to see chips on the layout in only the split and straight up positions.

The app will randomly generate bets for you.

Then, add more chip positions to each bet (corner, street, six line, and in American roulette, the top five) to make bets more difficult.

Each payout scenario can be accessed ‘in order’ (for learning purposes), and ‘random’ (for practice).

Soon, you’ll be adding up bets like a pro!


Ok, you’ve learned all your times tables, but you’ve had a brain fart, and can’t remember what 14 x 17 is!!

Quick Times Tables allows you to find the answer to any of the roulette times tables with just 2 clicks of a button. Yeah!


You can jump anywhere within the app with a click of a button. Though, if you are just learning how to deal roulette, my suggestion would be to work through the buttons in the order they appear.


If you like the app, would you mind leaving great feedback for me please? This will help raise the app in the app store rankings, so more roulette dealers can find it, which will help them out too.

If you don’t like the app, or you have improvements to suggest, would you mind emailing me before leaving a bad review please?

I answer ALL emails, and I WILL find a solution to your problem.

I will also implement all suggestions, if they are at all possible, as I want this app to be the best it can be. I WANT to hear from you!


Please email me personally at CasinoTrainingSoftware@gmail.com

I answer all emails, and I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Thank you, and all the best in your casino career.
Cathryn Leasure

No internet connection needed. No ads. No in-app purchases!

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Requirements: 4.0 and up