Rooplay offers over 500 games for kids 2- 8 in a single app with no long downloads. Each game has been meticulously reviewed to ensure they are child safe and of course, fun to play! Rooplay is dedicated to offering a highly curated and expansive selection of games in a safe and engaging environment for your child to discover.

Rooplay includes an expanding collection of original games expertly designed to entertain young minds and foster early learning with brands kids love. Teach your child their 123’s and ABC’s with Garfield’s ABC’s or develop their early math skills with Garfield’s Math Bingo. Rooplay’s growing lineup of original games aims to educate and entertain kids of all ages.

We hear you, child safety is a top priority for parents. In addition to our extensive review process for our games, Rooplay does not have any advertisements. The platform is ad free for all its users, whether you choose to subscribe to Rooplay or not. With no ads or outbound links, Rooplay is proud to be a stress-free entertainment option for all parents.

Entertain and develop young minds with Rooplay’s endless catalogue of activities. Includes classic games like tic-tac-toe, connect the dots, coloring books, memory match, and more! Rooplay’s endless variety of both new and classic activities encourages early education and tech literacy for kids just beginning to explore the world around them.

Rooplay offers games in a variety of categories, including:

• Kids games under 5
• Learning
• Puzzles
• Family
• Sports
• Creative
• Life Games
• Reflex
• Brain Teasers
…and more!

Subscription details:
Rooplay offers a free one month subscription to Rooplay’s extensive collection of family-friendly games. After the first trial month Rooplay offers access to 500+ games catalogue with an active monthly subscription. Cancel anytime.

Have Questions? Contact us anytime at support@rooplay.com

Learn more at www.rooplay.com

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Requirements: 4.2 and up