A simple app to help medical and laboratory testing personnel calculate the percentage of fetal hemorrhage and the correct number of RhIg (Rhogam) vials to administer.

What’s inside?
– A two button counter to tally the # of fetal red blood cells and quickly calculate the percentage on a Kleihauer-Betke smear
– Option to more accurately calculate maternal blood volume with height/weight data in either inch/lb or cm/kg units
– Calculated dosage

Disclaimer: This app is intended to aid in the calculation of the correct RhIg dosage. While care has been taken to apply the recommended calculation by the AABB and College of American Pathologists, final determination of appropriate dosage is at the discretion of the practitioner. Incorrect data entry in this app may result in clinically undesired calculated results..It is the responsibility of the user to ensure accurate data entry.

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Category: Medical
Requirements: 4.0 and up