$$ Invite friends & Collect 20% of their earnings 4 LIFE!

All New Reward Stash users will receive a one time sign up BONUS of 1,000 FREE Reward Points!

Reward Stash is the easiest rewards app that allows you to earn points by viewing ads when you unlock your phone. You can earn more points in the app by checking out Bonus Videos, Mega Offers and trying new Apps. Once you have enough points, you can use them to redeem for 100’s of different gift cards or Prepaid Visa card.

You can earn points in a few ways:

Earn Stash Points
We will show ads when you unlock your phone ( Don’t worry, You can turn them off)
Click the X or back button to dismiss the ad.
You will receive a point every time you see it

Video Points
Watching videos from our sponsors and partners.

Daily Check In
Open the app once a day and click check-in and that you will get FREE Bonus Points

Mega Points
Fastest way to get points
Checkout offers, new apps, promotions and get rewarded by participating.

20% Referrals
Share your invite code with your friends and you can earn 20% everytime they redeem their points for gift cards. Example: If your friend redeems $5 you get $1.

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Category: Lifestyle
Requirements: 6.0 and up