If you have any questions or problems please let me know before leaving feedback, as I’ll try to sort it for you to get you working. Thanks.

We’ve listened to your feedback and now:
– everyone will get one free connection so you can try ReplyASAP for free, and
– fixed the issue with SMS messages not being sent in some cases

* First connection free*
For a limited time anyone who downloads the app will automatically be able to connect to one person for free. Once connected you will be able to send them as many ASAPs as you like.

If you are frustrated that your calls or text messages are missed or not seen because the person you are calling has their phone on silent all the time, then this is the app for you.

Reply ASAP allows you to connect with others who have the app so you can send them urgent messages that cannot be ignored and you will get a notification that it has been read.

This is ideal for parents with children, since the parent buys the app and then gifts it to the child for free (meaning the child doesn’t have to pay for anything).

Key features:
– if recipient’s phone is on silent the message will still make a noise
– arriving messages make a constant noise until the recipient presses a button
– the arriving message will take over the screen with the message and only two options “Snooze for 3 minutes” or “Cancel” so it cannot be ignored
– once the recipient has pressed either “Cancel” or “Snooze for 3 minutes” button, the sender is sent notification
– option to send messages to arrive at future times (i.e. after school) as a reminder
– no cost to sending messages as it uses data network
– shows a history of all messages sent and received sorted by name
– the sender will see the status of the message they have sent as one of the following:
“Pending” = message has not yet been delivered as the recipients phone has no internet connection
“Delivered” = message has arrived and waiting to sound (if you have future dated it) or is sounding and waiting for the recipient to interact with it
“Snoozed” = the message has arrived and sounded and the recipient has seen it and pressed the “Snooze for 3 minutes” button
“Seen” = the message has arrived and sounded and the recipient has seen it and pressed the “Cancel” button
– works from Android to iOS and vice-versa (though some features on iOS are reduced due to iOS restrictions unfortunately)
NOTE: iOS version will follow shortly after Android version so you will not be able to send to iOS devices until the app is available in the iOS store

The app does require internet connection to work, if the recipient’s phone has no internet connection, the ASAP will queue and arrive as soon as internet connection is re-established. As a sender you will know the message has not arrived as it’s status will show as “Pending” on your phone.

Though the app is ideal for parents and children, it can be used for any number of other scenarios:
– contact with elderly family members
– setting reminders for future events with friends
– contacting work colleagues in the event of an incident that requires urgent attention
– letting people know you have safely arrived at your destination
– letting people know you need assistance

The idea is that the app is used for important and urgent messages rather than as an alternative to texts or other messaging apps as it will override the silent function on the phone. However it can be used as an alternative to messaging apps. Either way you use it please use it safely and sensibly.

If you have any questions or problems with the app please mail me via the website www.replyasap.co.uk

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Category: Communication
Requirements: 4.1 and up