Which bartender doesn’t know the situation: During your shift you have the idea for a great new cocktail. You get the next best piece of paper to take the recipe down. Back home the precious piece of paper is gone, and so is the recipe for the winner cocktail of the next competition. Or you write down your recipes in your notebook, but when you want to look up a recipe, guess what, you don’t have your notebook at hand. Those days are gone!

Save and manage your recipes comfortably in the RecipeBook app and keep them at your fingertips.

You just started working at a bar and need to learn the cocktail menu? No need to waste time with the oldfashioned index card system, use the app’s training function.
You are looking for a drink with the ingredients x, y, shaken not stirred and served in a martini glass? The search function lets you find just the right recipes based on your search critieria.

• Create recipe including picture, glass, garnish, technique, ingredient, unit, tags, info and mark as favorite
• Change liquid units (ml, cl, oz, shot) and all corresponding values are recalculated immediately
• Sort lists by: name (ascending / descending), last modified
• Filter lists by: name, tag, category
• Search function for all recipe properties. Search criteria can be combined, incl. multiple selection, e.g. for ingredients
• Create training and practise all recipes or only unknown ones, and save the result
• Backup your recipes locally or to Dropbox (requires Dropbox account)

The app doesn’t come with a pre-build cocktail database, containing thousands of recipes you don’t need, but aims to be a digital recipe notebook where you can comfortably save and manage your recipes in order to build your own database.

Questions, feedback and feature requests are always welcome. Contact us at: jnscodeworks@gmail.com

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Category: Food & Drink
Requirements: 5.0 and up