★★ Be Ready for the Android Wear Watch face with Sound Effects and Unique Futuristic Design★★

Rattle Interactive Watch Face !! A Unique Watch face with Hourly Chime Sound effect, Touch Sound Effects and many Interactive Features for Android Wear 2.0.

★ New Tap features

✔ Tap on WEATHER on main Watch Face to get 4 days Weather Forecast and Other Weather Info.

✔ Tap on “CENTER” of Watch face to change colors of watch face with Touch.

✔ Tap on “STOPWATCH” on App launcher of Watch face for Interactive Stop watch.

✔ Tap on “STEPS” to Get Google Fit Data.

✔ Tap on “MENU” on Left side of Watch face for Apps Launcher Menu.

✔ Tap on “DATE” on Lower side of Watch face for to get Info of 4 Upcoming Calendar Events.

★ Features

Android Wear 2.0 Fully supported.

Standalone watch face for iPhone and Android users.

Hourly Chime Sound effect, which give sound effect every hour.

✔ Touch Sound Effect and vibration.

✔ Unique Futuristic design with Many Interactive Features.

✔ 10 Predefined watch face colors, Changes on tap.

✔ Very Cool Interactive Stop Watch For Sports Activity with One Touch.

✔ Unique Style Custom App Launcher Menu.

✔ Agenda Info for Upcoming 4 Calendar Events with Just One Touch.

✔ Weather info and Forecast for Next 4 Days, High/Low Temp, Wind Speed, Sunset/Sunrise info.

✔Two Weather Providers

✔ GPS or Manually Select Weather Location Option for Correct Weather

✔ Fully Accurate Pedometer with Google Fit Integration.

✔ Screen Bright Time Option

✔ 12/24 Hour Digital Clock.

✔ Choose Between Full and Black and White Ambient Modes.

✔ Tap on 5 Touch Points To Get Different Feature Select.

✔ New style Watch and Phone Batteries

★Custom Apps Shortcuts To Run:

– Motorola BODY
– Google Translate
– Google Maps
– Google Keep
– Google Music
– Google FIT
– Flashlight
– Watch Settings
– Hangouts
– Alarm
– Timer

★Supported All Watches Resolutions

★Compatible with Android Wear Watch Only , Not for Samsung Watches

Moto 360 (1st Gen)
Moto 360 2015 ( 42mm, 46mm )
Moto 360 Sports
Huawei Watch
LG G Watch R
LG G Watch W100
LG Watch Urbane
LG Watch Urbane 2
Sony Smartwatch 3
Samsung Gear Live
Asus ZenWatch ( zenwatch 1 & 2 )
Fossil Q
Casio WSD-F10
TAG Heuer

★How To Use

1. You Can Enable or Disable Sound effects and Vibration from Companion app.
2. Please Enable “Location” or “GPS” in Phone To get Weather Info, with Active Internet Connection,
3. Select Manual Weather Location in Companion App Settings To Set Your Manual Weather Location.
4. Change Custom App Shortcuts from Phone Settings
5 You can change watch face colors with tap on enter or through app settings

How do I install the watch face on Android Wear 1.0?

1. After install run ‘Re-sync app’ from the Android Wear app.
2. Long press your watch and choose “Rattle Interactive Watch Face” as your watch face, or select the watch face using the Android Wear app.

How do I install the watch face on Android Wear 2.0?

1. Install it from Google Play Wear Store on your watch.
2. Install the companion app for fully customization (Android phone devices).

★Useful Tip
✔ Sometimes you need to wait longer for transfer to watch
✔I recommend a bit of patience .
✔This is not caused by the watch face, but rather Android Wear app.
✔ If the watch face is not shown on your watch after few minutes, to try re-sync or follow these steps:
1. Disconnect devices (watch and phone)
2. Uninstall the watch face
3. Restart watch and connect device again
4. Then finally install the watch face

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your watch Must have speaker to get Hourly and touch Sound Effects.

NOTE: if you have any problem first email us before leaving a 1 star rating on play store, we will solve it

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