You’re the driver in an open wheel race car. Tilt your smart phone or table forward to accelerate! Tilt your smart phone or tablet left or right to steer your 3D race car to victory!

No additional purchases, no annoying ads, just lots of fun racing!

Choose from five difficulty levels. Choose from six different cars. Choose from two different tracks. Choose to qualify then race for a better starting position, or go straight to racing.

Click ‘Watch’ to watch a race from four different camera angles. Watch six artificial intelligence-controlled race cars speed around the track so you can choose the best line when you race.

When you’re done scouting the race track, click ‘Play’ to race against five artificial intelligence-controlled race cars at speeds approaching 250 MPH (at maximum difficulty level).

Your device is your steering wheel! Tilt your phone or tablet left to turn left, or right to turn right.

Your device is also your gas and brake pedals! Tilt your phone or tablet forward to accelerate, and tilt backward to decelerate/brake.

Click ‘Look Left’ or ‘Look Right’ to look at your left or right mirror and see who’s coming up on your sides.

Avoid the walls, or you will crash and burn! Learn from your mistakes and try again.

Master a difficulty level, then raise the bar and move up! Keep track of your progress and best races on the leaderboard.

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Category: Racing
Requirements: 4.1 and up