Welcome to the World of Machine Learning and Aritificial Intelligence! This is a classic Monopoly game with AI who are fully capable of winning Monopoly World Championship. Artificial Intelligence in Quadropoly is making the same revolution in Monopoly as Deep Blue did in chess 20 years ago.

Whether you are a seasoned Monopoly tournament player eager to learn new tricks to use against your opponents during championships, or just a Monopoly Board game lover ready for a true challenge, this game is for you!

Every AI is unique and has its own personality. It defines their risk taking or risk averse tendencies as well as the attitude towards every property set. These guys just love to haggle!

Main game features:

200+ unique AI strategies with the list expanding every week

2-4 players, either human or AI in any possible combinations (i.e. the game with 4 AIs is perfectly fine and encouraged to be used for educational purposes)

Every user action is made possible with a minimum taps required using the most advanced User Experience techniques

30+ Chance and 30+ Chest cards for player to choose from, with a minimum of 16 and no upper limit. Cards could be selected and inspected before the beginning of the game

Game customisation options. Choose the salary, bonuses and penalties for landing on special locations, percentage of the rent received while being in Prison, number of houses and hotels available. Many more options to come in future releases

Variable animation speed

Improved game balance without altering base game rules. Average rounds for a complete game is 7, with 95% of the games finishing between 4 to 10 rounds

Detailed logs from the beginning of the game with flexible filters

We love data: visualisation of all stats related to your game

Account score, very comprehensive way to represent player’s skill level to compete with others

Account statistics with the challenges completed or in progress, as well as the averages across all games

No cheating policy:

Guaranteed absence of any special treatment from AI for the human player, regardless of the difficulty level. AI never knows whether he trades with the human or another AI

AI knows only what player could see on a screen

100% random and correct real life dice distribution

Unique automatic save system which guaranties game integrity (no data is ever being lost and every dice roll is final)

3 difficulty levels:

Monopolist: 100000+ personalities, each with its own minor defects and biases. Has full access to the range of possible tactics, capable of coming up with brand new tactic from time to time. Emulates real person with enormous experience in Monopoly and IQ of 110

Entrepreneur: Uses 90% of all available tactics. Has strong biases towards every set, either loves or hates them deeply. Has 60% chance of forgetting to trade or build during his turn. Emulates real person with a lot of experience in Monopoly and IQ of 90

Tradie: Uses only half of the tactics available. Has extremely strong views towards every set, either positive or negative but never neutral. Has 80% chance of forgetting to trade or build during his turn. Emulates real person with less than 200 games experience in Monopoly and IQ of 75

Be warned: even Tradie AI difficulty is much smarter than anything you have ever seen before

At the end of the game the logs stripped of any Personal Identifiable data are uploaded to the Cloud for analysis and Machine Learning algorithms to improve AI’s capabilities in future releases. The size of the full game log is between 3Kb and 9Kb only as Quadropoly uses state of the art compression algorithm

Permissions required: storage for saves and logs, Internet to upload tiny logs for Machine Learning, leaderboards and account statistics

Please visit www.quadropoly.com.au for strategy tips, project roadmap and more!

100% of the Project has been built in Python (Kivy)
No tearable music to tear you away from the tearanny of the AI
No ads, not now not ever!

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Category: Board
Requirements: 3.2 and up