Teenage mode is a pretty serious business. This trend is erratic, spontaneous, anything but not constant. Teen age is also a precious time in life and the best time to look good. Studies show that teens know more about fashion accessories owned by other parent clients.

Dress or dress is an item ‘that must be owned by every woman. Some types of dresses that you can collect no party dress, mini dress, mid dress and maxi dress or long dress. Dress wear is usually used for formal events, but nowadays the dress is often used also for relax. Use a dress according to the theme, for a cheerful event use a bright color vice versa.

For large bodies should disguise waist shape premises choose a neutral dress color, better color rather dark. A small body can wear a dress above the knee to disguise your tiny body.

For the sleek one can use a wide dress form. The location where your event will take place can also adjust to the dress you will choose. Evening dress is suitable for hi-tea event, while gala dinner can use colored clothes to be more feminine and elegant.

several categories in pureple clothing planning
– dress design
– Men’s Fashion
– Fashion Women
– Shoes
– Clothes
– Top Woman
– Jacket & Women’s Coat
– Women’s Dress
– Women’s Tights & Pants
– Women’s Womenswear
– Women’s Jeans
– Women’s Sweater & Cardigan
– Women’s Pants & Leggings
– Women’s Short Pants

Feature Application :
– Free Application
– Offline and Online App
– Can Set pureple outfit planner Wallpaper
– Small Size

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