PSECU Mobile

Secure and convenient mobile banking for PSECU members. Manage accounts, deposit checks, pay bills, transfer money, find ATMs and more.

Manage Accounts
• View account balances
• Review account activity and pending transactions
• Move money between shares and loans
• Manage your debit and credit cards

Make Mobile Deposits
• Deposit checks directly to your Checking Account
• Funds available immediately*

Pay Bills
• Add new payees
• Manage payments

Transfer Money
• Send money to anyone in the US
• Claim funds
• Review transfer activity

Additional Features
• View balances without logging in
• Manage alerts
• Check your FICO® score**
• Find ATMs
• Contact PSECU

*Certain restrictions apply. See our Funds Availability Policy.
**FICO and Fair Isaac® are registered trademarks of the Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States, and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the Fair Isaac Corporation in other countries. PSECU is not a credit reporting agency. Fair Isaac is not an affiliate company of PSECU. Members must have PSECU checking or a PSECU loan to be eligible for this service. Joint Owners are not eligible.