PrizeFighter Boxing Timer is more than a simple interval timer app. It comes loaded with cool features and functionality that will motivate you and push you forward in your training.

Features & Benefits:
– Simple tools for categorizing, building and managing workouts.
– Automatically generated statistics for tracking workout progression.
– Achievement system with belt, trophy and medal rewards.
– Workout timer packed with audio and visual cues.
– Music streaming apps will continue playing in the background during workouts.
– Build flexible workouts using the round & rest format with every interval being editable.
– Option to continuously loop your workout.
– All workouts are stored locally on your device.
– No sign up or user profile, simply start the app and begin building workouts.

Featured Settings:
Proximity Sensor: Pause/Play workout by waving Glove/Hand in front of the sensor during a workout.
Personalize Timer: Color customize every part of your workout timer.
Vibration Cues: Vibrate the device at certain cues during a workout.
Audio Cues: Play audio at certain cues during a workout.
Countdown Time: Adjust countdown time before starting, restarting or resuming a workout.
Warning Time: Adjust time of warning alert at the end of a round.
Build Workout Settings: Adjust default settings for all prompts used when building workouts.

Perfect workout timer for many activities:
PrizeFighter Boxing Timer is geared toward boxing workouts, but with this app you don’t have to be a boxer to be a prizefighter. Below is a list of a few other activities that are a great match for this style of workout timer.

– Tabata Workouts
– Interval Training
– Cardio Workouts
– HIIT Workouts ( high intensity interval training )
– Muay Thai
– Home Workouts
– Gym Workouts
– Crossfit Training
– MMA Training ( mixed martial arts )
– Full Body Workouts
– Kickboxing
– HIIT Running
… and many more

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Category: Health & Fitness
Requirements: 4.1 and up