** What is Poynterra? **

The main app in Mindspark Inc’s VirtualSignpost (VS) series, Poynterra Navigator is a complete GPS navigator and waypoint management system. Since it’s designed to work in airplane mode, It will point you in the direction of any saved location on earth without need for a data plan or wi-fi connection — even on an actual airplane (next to a window). Because airplane mode drastically reduces battery consumption, Poynterra is the ideal GPS navigator for world travelers and off-road trekkers, who constantly struggle with connectivity and battery life. And when you do have internet, Poynterra integrates seamlessly with Google Maps and its high-level navigation tools. Install Poynterra on one of your old unused Android phones and turn it into a dedicated, reliable and cost-free navigator that works anywhere in the world — no SIM card needed.

** In-app help and tutorial **

Unlike most apps that rely on an internet connection for help info, Poynterra has a built-in tutorial explaining all screens and controls. You always have a complete reference at your fingertips, even in airplane mode.

** Waypoints and folders **

Poynterra gives you powerful waypoint and folder management tools. New waypoints, or folders containing any number of waypoints, can be added before a trip or created and managed on the go. This is made easy with import/export tools for common waypoint/folder formats (KML/KMZ/GPX/CSV) as well as Mindspark Inc’s own VSF/VSX formats.

As an example scenario, imagine that you are about to go on trip to a European city. You can easily find the “Top 10” must-see sights on the web. After making a new folder for the city, you can quickly use Poynterra’s built-in geocoder to search/paste coordinates for each sight, saving each as a new waypoint. Or, you can put the sights (waypoints) on a custom map using Google MyMaps, export them as a KML file (folder), and then import the file into Poynterra. You then have a new Top 10 folder for the city, with waypoints you can effortlessly navigate to in airplane mode, without any kind of data plan or wifi connection.

Conversely, imagine that you start a new folder for your trip and add waypoints of your must-sees on-the-go. You can easily share the folder as a KML file that will automatically open in Google Earth. Or, it can be exported in Mindspark Inc’s VSF format and shared with other Poynterra users.

** VirtualSignpost Collections

Mindspark Inc also offers preloaded, ready-to-use waypoint data through its VirtualSignpost Collections series of apps. These apps install editable VSF (free) or non-editable VSX (paid) files that are then imported into Poynterra. With time, VS Collections will include sights in major cities, nature walks, golf courses, etc.

** Golf mode **

Poynterra has a special Golf mode, giving you an accurate golf GPS system with minimum battery drain. On Google Earth, you can easily create a KML file of green center points for your favorite course and then export/import into Poynterra. Besides showing you distance to the green, it will even track the length of your last hit.

** Triangulation feature **

Once in a while you’ll see something interesting in the distance that you’ll want to identify. Poynterra can easily calculate the landmark’s coordinates through triangulation, after taking heading readings from two separated vantage points. The calculated location is then shown on the map and can be saved as a new waypoint (for later identification if internet is not available).

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Category: Maps & Navigation
Requirements: 1.6 and up