Pocket Thai is a Thai language learning program and culture guide that takes you from zero Thai language experience up to the conversational level. Using straightforward explanations of grammar and culture, this program prepares you for life, work, and travel in Thailand!

Pocket Thai includes:

*30 Lessons: Over 300+ pages of interactive content

*Reading Made Easy: Pronounce Thai like a native speaker by first learning the Thai script

*Culture Lessons: Highlight the differences between Thai and Western cultures with lessons that teach you how to fit in

*Professional Audio: 1000+ clear audio recordings of female and male native Thai speakers

*Interactive Quizzes: Test your understanding with fun multiple choice quizzes

*Friendly and Fun Explanations: A warm tone and down to earth explanations of both grammar and culture make learning easy

*Study at Your Own Pace: Designed to be effective at whatever pace works best for you

*Always With You: Pocket Thai is anywhere that you are, no internet connection required

Want More Info?

*Please email with any questions you may have: Evan@Pocket-Thai.com

*More information is available at Pocket-Thai.com.

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Category: Education
Requirements: 7.0 and up