We make healthy eating simple. While most diets require a lot of time to learn new cooking techniques, source expensive or hard-to-find ingredients, or follow complicated directions, this app features only easy-to-make recipes that are healthy and delicious!

Health goals are possible to achieve by focusing on the essential. Here you will find quick, nutritious recipes that fit into your life, budget, and schedule.

Every recipe is 100% plant-based, which means free of meat, eggs, oil, sugar, salt, or any processed ingredients.

The plant-based diet is backed by science and readily supported by many scholarly and verifiable sources as a superior diet for human health. It’s a diet that reduces the risk of heart disease and many chronic illness. In addition, it is a great choice for a sustainable environment, saving water and farmland, lowering carbon emissions, and supporting biodiversity.

• A curated collection of recipes including meals, smoothies, and desserts.
• Simple recipes that take under 30 minutes to make.
• Easy-to-understand directions.
• Easy-to-source ingredients and suggestions for substitutions.
• Shopping lists for each recipe.
• Recipes that share ingredients with others in the collection, allowing you to use what you have already purchased to reduce food waste and save money.
• New recipes added weekly!

We hope you love this app and all it has to offer. If you have any suggestions or comments, please do leave them in a rating so that we can get your feedback and work with you to make any changes. We’d love to hear from you!

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