This app is identical to the free version – just missing the adverts

NOTE: Non commercial use EULA must be accepted on download.

Use to browse or administer a PIWIGO photo gallery.

Connect to servers running on non-standard http or https ports
Accept invalid (wrong host name) or self signed SSL certificates if required
View images at a resolution optimised for your screen.
Show and allow zoom into images of any size available on the server
View MP4 videos (others should work too, but I’ve not tested other formats)
Download images.
Save fully downloaded videos
Optionally exclude videos from slide-shows
Rate images and view average ratings
Upload new images or videos
Setting and amend permissions, description, and other details of albums and files
Add or alter albums, their permissions, description, etc
Add, view and edit gallery users
Add, view and edit gallery groups
Copy or move images around within the gallery
Select image(s) for upload using other apps and share them with PIWIGO
Special app read-only mode available to prevent any unwanted alterations to the gallery
Some control over the layout of screens on the app (use to customise for the screen on your device)

Supported server plugins : piwigo_privacy, videojs.

Want something else not listed? Try the app. If it doesn’t do exactly what you need. Drop me an email using the link in the app and I’ll look into adding the missing feature(s).

Known limitations:

1. To see an album, the user must have permission (directly or via a group) – even administrators
2. Comments are currently unsupported – you can neither see comments nor add them.
3. Groups and Users are presently limited to 100. If you need support for more, drop me an email and I’ll add it.

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Category: Photography
Requirements: 4.2 and up