Physics Studio APP is a set of educational professional tools, solved graphical and computational issues in physics for students.

Key to Solutions:
Adopted from starred questions book
Including 31 simulations such as: ACCIDENT POINT, BOUT SPEED , ANGLED

Including 8 simulations such as: MELTING ICE, GAS MIXTUIRE , BUBBLE AND DEPTH
OF SEA & …..

Including 11 simulations such as: CAPACITOR , MAGNETIC , KIRCHHOFF’s CIRCUIT
LAW & …..

Including 4 simulations such as: REFRACTION , TIME WITH LIGHT , PRSIM , LENS.

Including 4 simulations such as: AIRCRAFT NOISE , SPRING FREQUENCY , PENDULUM

Including 1 simulations such as: THE HALF-LIFE OF RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCE

*Useful and summarized instruction for all educational issues
*Including all required formulas for solving the questions
*A summary of physics reference books

Step by Step:
*Answer of each question by “step by Step” method
*Each step has useful calculation and explanation

UNIT Converter:
*Required unit conversion for answering book and test questions
*This package includes: power, time, speed and. . . .

*3 virtual labs by “ FRAME ” method
*Including: Statics, pressure, Thermodynamic

“Step by step” : The most important part of each question is the solution method. By entering the “step by step” page, you can reach the simplest and useful solution. Moreover, your input numbers will be substituted in the formulas.

“Favorite” : It is possible that you save your desired important questions and simulations. Then, you can observe them in the future. Just you should go to the library of “favorites” and select them.

“Share” : With this tool you can help your friends. You can send all the inserted figures and data to your friends or professors by WhatsApp ,Instagram or the other ones.

“Time line” : Timeline makes it possible. Observe from the beginning up to the end of each question animation by “Fram by Frame” method. The question simulations depend on the question format and your input data. So, it is just needed to move the button.

“Pics” : Including the series of dynamic figures or 2.5D fixed ones related to each question. These figures give us an accurate comprehension of the question and solution. Figures are presented in the best quality.


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Category: Education
Requirements: 4.1 and up