Cherry , the best period tracker for ladies!

Cherry would track your menstrual period and predict your next period for avoiding some embarrassing things. Furthermore,Cherry
would record your period dates including the past and now. It also can record your personal symptoms including your moods,sex,bleeding,sleep,temperature, weight,PMS,notes to make you know more yourself. Cherry is also a good reminder for your next period start,ovulation and so on.

Cherry Features:

Know current cycle:
Know your current status clearly and show the current menstrual cycle in a beautiful design interface.
Record symptoms everyday:
Track your status everyday by recording your symptoms,moods,sex,bleeding,sleep,temperature, weight,notes. Cherry tracks your status just like the closest diary.
Period & Ovulation Calendar:
Cherry use the data(period length,cycle period,the last period date) that you recorded in Cherry to predict your next period and ovulation day.
Tell you the prediction period and ovulation so that you can know your pregnancy rate during your menstrual cycle and starting your conceiving plan.
Cherry can generate line charts according analyzing the data you recorded in the Cherry’s Record such as temperature,weight,sex.
A Good Reminder:
Cherry would remind you of the period start,period end and ovulation day on time so that you wouldn’t forget your period.

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Category: Health & Fitness
Requirements: 4.1 and up