This game will turn your understanding about real role-playing games with the mode of crafting and with pixel pixels in the world! Your game is your world. Obystroy it as you want. You are a dreamer and master of this game. Pixelmons in this game will brighten up the world! More than 30 real pixelmons are waiting for you! Explore the world in fashion history, travel, discover new islands of pixelmones (no pirates!). Build and craft the whole world. Easy menu for crafting and building any buildings that you have in your fantasies! Catch all pixelmones and let them evolve into new heroes! The real story in your game is waiting for you! Survival is a very exciting battle with zombies and walking dead. You can fight in the arena with other players (you have weapons in your gear and you can drive by car, car). Battle in the arena with other pixelmons, use gps to find all pixelmones! An interesting fairy tale game for boys and girls crafting MC PE on your android in 3D.
Cool add-ons to this game:
roblox & sandbox
ship for pixelmons/ Survival now!
boys girls like this game ( game for your family)
craft game online
creativity mod ( house, poke-house , arena)
cube pixel
game for boys girls
own cube pixel explore
pirate island with pixelmons
pocket mode for multiplayer
shelter 3D for teengaers
story survive in world
use /using blocks

Download the game right now for free, invite your friends to your clan and play together in multiplayer and on the online server! You will not regret choosing our game! Good luck.

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Category: Adventure
Requirements: 2.3 and up