Great music game with lots of songs to play !.
Touch the left or right drum to play amazing percussion rhythms.

– 30 great levels/songs available. Master the instrument beats to get the 3 stars.

– No text into the game : just music and cool graphics.

– Unlock new musical levels and play with your friends via Facebook.

– Lots of percussion instruments : from bongo, bombo and congas to marimba, djembe and tamtam. Get surprised with deep bass taikos and metal instruments like xylophone and the triangle .

– Focus on following the rhythm, not on tapping narrow screen areas . Very intuitive and simple gameplay, all about tapping and rhythm : easy to learn, challenging to master.

– Be the best percussion drummer and get the 3 stars !

– Play with asian taikos, perform high pitch beats with xylophone and triangle, master tribal patterns with bongos, marimbas, tamtam, djembe and congas .

– Start your rhythmic tapping right now : It´s not a complex, full of rules game.

– Taptap great percussion songs !. The rhythm is on your thumbs.

– 100% interactive music : every sound depends on you.

– Drumming is fun!

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Category: Music
Requirements: 2.3 and up