✭ No need to pay teachers: Parla is an AI-powered teacher which will replace a human tutor.
✭ No need to attend English courses, similar for everyone: the AI algorithms will analyze your knowledge, language skills, speed of studies, typical mistakes. It will create a plan of studies for you and will always let you know what to do next to learn languages more effectively.
✭You can learn English words and Grammar much faster with Parla, as the artificial intelligence will identify the moment when you learn a word or a rule, and when you need to repeat it.
✭ Parla is a language learning app. That’s not a heartless machine! She has emotions, she will berate and praise you creating additional motivation for language learning by that. You may probably make friends!

Learn English using personal program created by Artificial Intelligence
✔ You don’t have to attend english language learning courses similar for all, as Parla can create a learning plan specially for you and will adjust it online depending on your mistakes and frequency of studies.
✔ Parla, on a par with a human tutor, will tell you which words and rules of english language you should concentrate on.
✔ Parla is an educational app which fits for teaching English for kids and schoolchildren.
✔ With Parla you can learn english free from zero level or to improve it to Intermediate or Advanced levels.
Parla knows sets of word of different topics: English for travelling, Business English (English for work) and many others.

Be aware of all your weak points
✔ Artificial Intelligence analyzes all your mistakes in any skill (English speaking, listening, writing, reading, words, grammar). If you have problems with writing certain word, Parla will make you write more often. If you have problems with pronouncing another one, you’ll have tell it more frequently.
✔ Parla will highlight all your mistakes made in grammar exercises and will explain what the right answer is.

Don’t waste your time on learning what you already know and Learn English free and much faster:
✔ Parla will plot a curve of your knowledge of each word and rule, will analyze a proportion of mistakes and right answers and, finally, will let you know when you learn everything and can move on.
✔ You won’t have to do the same excise too many times, so you will save much time and make faster progress in learning English.

Make friends with the Artificial Intelligence:
Parla has emotions: if you skip classes, or make mistakes frequently, she will berate you, and in case of success, she will praise you. She even tells jokes and anecdotes sometimes!

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Category: Education
Requirements: 5.0 and up