Find open, available parking spots in on-street parking spaces, garages and lots; GPS navigation to real-time available parking. Simply enter an address in Parker to get turn-by-turn navigation to currently available parking near your destination. You’ll also get instant access to prices, payment options, and hours of availability.

Features include:
– Turn-by-turn route navigation automatically directs you to an open parking space near your destination (where data is available).
– Find open parking spots, and be routed to their location.
– Use filters to only show spots that meet your preferences. (Free parking only? Not a problem – we can show you where. Want to park in an off-street garage or need more than 3 hours at your location? We can do that too.)
– View prices, payment options, hours (e.g., street parking free after 7PM), and more.
– Built-in timer reminds you when your meter is about to expire.
– Saves your car’s location and offers walking directions back to your car.

Up to the minute parking availability is offered in the following locations.

Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood, CA
Washington, D.C.
Redwood City, CA
San Carlos, CA
San Mateo, CA
Martinez, CA
Norwalk, CT
Mt. Lebanon, PA
Ocala, FL
Sarasota, FL
Vancouver, WA
Clemson University, SC
University of Mississippi, MS
Montclair State University, NJ
Oregon Health and Science University, OR

Note: Parker will briefly use location and motion activity in the background when it detects that you have parked your car or driven away from a parking spot. This allows Parker to show you where you parked your car. Disclaimer: Please check all applicable regulations in your location before parking.

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Category: Maps & Navigation
Requirements: 4.4 and up