1. Start an account at ParentWise.com.
2. Download this App on your Child’s phone.
3. Begin Mobile Parenting.

Want to use your Child’s phone to keep them safe?

ParentWise is the most comprehensive Mobile Parenting Software available to know your Child’s phone activity without invading their privacy. It is also the most accurate GPS tracking technology and alerting platform built to report every 180 seconds.

LOCATION – History and Customizable Alerts
– Know your Child’s location at any point in time
– Get Alerts when they enter or leave a defined location
– Get Alerts is they are not where they are supposed to be

USAGE – Weekly Summary and Daily Dashboard showing and Alerting all App Usage
– Know what Apps your Child is using, and time spent on each
– Get Alerts when they install or uninstall any Apps
– Get Alerts to know if they are using dangerous or inappropriate Apps

COMMUNICATION – History and Customizable Alerts for Text Messages and Phone Calls
– Know who and when your Child is Texting and Talking
– Get Alerts if a particular person is communicating with your Child
– Get Alerts to know when your Child is texting after hours and how much

SPEEDING – Get Alerts if your Child is traveling above a certain speed

911 CALLS – Get Alerts if your Child dials 911

LOW BATTERY / PHONE SHUTDOWN – Get Alerts if your Child’s phone battery is low or if their device is shutdown or unavailable

When you want know where your Child is, what they are doing, and who they are communicating with, ParentWise can help.

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Category: Parenting
Requirements: 5.0 and up