Welcome to the Parent Check OK App! The App designed to help you check on parents, friends, or other loved ones that may live alone or just need a regular check-in. While never replacing professional medical services or live-in professional care, Parent Check OK App is a great way to stay connected.

The App automatically provides a user (the one that is checked on or monitored) with a daily prompt asking them if they are “OK.” If they are, they press the OK button and the App waits until the next day to prompt the user at the specified time to repeat the process. This will continue as long as you both feel necessary. If they are not “OK” or do not respond to the prompt, the App will prompt the user again after a specified number of minutes. If the user does not respond to the second prompt by pressing “OK,” a predefined contact or contacts will be texted to notify them. It is up to the contact to decide what actions need to be taken for their loved one. Of course, all of this assumes that the user has their phone turned on and connected to the device owner’s cellular carrier or Wi-Fi.

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Category: Medical
Requirements: 5.1 and up