Simple and intuitive application to directly receive orders in the kitchen via WiFi, Stop the Illegible Writing Problem and Stop for forgotten orders;

Do you wonder how it works?

It is very simple, 2 applications one sends orders taken to the table, and the other receives them in real time.

What do you need?

A Wifi network, even without the possibility of going to the internet, then configuring the ip of the sending phone and vice versa, set the ip of the phone it receives.

The menu inside is for illustration purposes, you can delete any single item, or replace it with your dish.

The application saves a historical order made, including the price charged, in the DOS_databases folder of the phone with the Waiter’s app so you can always have a 360 ° view of your cashouts.

To use the APP, “Waiter Side”, and modify the menu, price and discount, the Password is “admin”, after logging in you can safely change the password with the one that suits you best.

Would you like this application to become Yours? Would you like customers to download Your application to be autonomous in directing your kitchen?

Contact us and we will create your own customized application.

Find out more by looking at this downloadable pdf for free

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Category: Food & Drink
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up