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OPNAV Uniform Regulations

An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW 240 Program.

The OPNAV Uniform Regulations application provides US Navy personnel with information regarding proper wear of the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type III, including guidance on the required transition from NWU Type I to NWU Type III. Formerly used only by expeditionary commands and units, the NWU Type III will be a mandatory uniform requirement for all Sailors on 1 October 2019. This application provides all Sailors with the information and guidance necessary to successfully transition to the NWU Type III and associated components.

The app gathers information on the NWU Type III from a variety of Department of the Navy sources and organizes it all into one simple, searchable app. Sources include the most recent NAVADMIN, NAVPERS 15665I, and NAVADMINs published since 2011 that provide the evolution of NWU Type III wear policies. Future updates of the app will include additional OPNAV uniform regulation policies and content relevant to US Navy uniforms and grooming standards.

The OPNAV Uniform Regulations app is divided into the following sections for ease of use:
• NWU Type III – This section makes up the bulk of the app and offers information on such topics as Uniform Components, Occasions for Wear, Insignia, Footwear, Maternity Uniforms, Uniform Care and Cleaning, and a Photo Gallery showing appropriate wear and use of the NWU Type III Uniform and its various components.
• Frequently Asked Questions – This section offers answers to common questions Sailors ask regarding NWU Type III uniform wear.
• Feedback – This section provides a mechanism for asking questions and providing comments regarding the app, uniform regulations, etc.
• The app also includes sections detailing Emergency resources, as well as a Favorites section, which allows users to bookmark and easily access parts of the app they find personally important.

The app includes a gallery of helpful uniform instructions and images to illustrate proper wear and care of the NWU Type III and its associated components. In fact, the app includes information on all basic, prescribable and optional NWU Type III uniform components. Examples of each include the following:
• Basic – undershirts, boot socks, blousing straps, safety boots, belts, eight-point utility cap, shirt (blouse), trousers, service and name tapes.
• Prescribable – matching pattern parka, black fleece liner, navy blue watch cap.
• Optional – rough-side out boots, riggers belt, earmuffs, earrings, gloves, thermal underwear, matching NWU Type III pattern foul weather trousers.

The OPNAV Uniform Regulations app is comprehensive and easy to navigate, with photographs illustrating major correct wear points. The app offers public content only — no authentication/authorization required. Download yours today!