One Night Craft Pizzaria – a new theme and original survival horror in style Craft. In this game you should survive in the Pizzaria House. One contact of an animatronic and you will be dead! Close all doors, turn off the light everywhere and get all the keys!
Rain and thunder shake the earth, drowning it in water and loud noises. On this very night, you return home from your night out. But inside the home rest your inner devils, risen to claim what they have desired for so long.

Face your nightmare with One Night Craft Pizzaria! Beware of angry animatronics and even worse Slender man hiding in the shadows! during the night ancient evil awakening inside their bodies, and they become unpredictable and starts chasing you!

Will you be able to survive in this animatronic terror?

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Category: Adventure
Requirements: 4.1 and up