Stylish digital watchface for WatchMaker with color changer, battery meters and key info at a glance. For Wear and Tizen watches with WatchMaker

Before you purchase this watch face, please note that you MUST have Watchmaker Premium installed (see below). This watch face WILL NOT function without this!

•• Important Requirements ••
1. Android wear device (running android wear v1.3.0 or later) or Tizen
2. Watchmaker Premium 3.6 or later app (available from here: )
3. This watch face is protected and is not intended to be edited by the end user

Once installed, launch the Watchmaker app, select the “NX 33 Color Changer” watch face and select “Set Watchface”

There are many settings within Watchmaker you can customize, for example to set Celsius vs Fahrenheit, time zones, calendars to display, etc.

This NX 33 Color Changer watchface is an interactive, distinct, stylish, multi-informational watchface for Android Wear and Tizen watches with all pertinent info at a glance:

– Color Changer (tap logo to change background and second hand)
– Dual battery meters for watch and phone
– Battery % levels
– Day, date
– Current temp and weather
– Step counter
– Glow effect

All in a high quality stylish face that looks very sharp, clear and fantastic on a wide variety of Android Wear and Tizen smartwatches.


Category: Communication
Requirements: 2.3 and up