Advanced tool to research fractals with, or create fractal art.

Easy: Modulate your functions by directly pointing your zero points shaping the function on the touchscreen. Move your zero points around to change your function. Use trackpoints to analyse the routes points wander through your function. Finger Zoom. Save picture by single touch.

Hard: Comes with hundreds of color settings, use pictures as colormap to analyse the functions further and create great art. Animate zero point/trackpoint wandering. Use your function to transform a picture. Create simulations of black holes. Lighten areas of dark regions in your fractal space. Create frames for films.

The settings are all documented by clicking on the label. We understand it can be hard to work yourself through them to full extent.The tool is meant as base for our Fractal Art courses. Please ask if we are around your region to subscribe and join the fun.

The tool is perfect for a Mathematic Interest power booster. Using the settings to full extend enables you to create professional Fractal Art.

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Category: Art & Design
Requirements: 4.1 and up