A couple of months ago a friend of mine changed her avatar on Facebook into a cartoon likeness that, with head cocked aggressively, said “SRSLY?!”. Since she’s an artist, I just assumed she’d drawn it herself. Then another friend of mine sent me an with a similar cartoon likeness, this one with big, ballon letters saying, “Do you even Bitmoji?!”

Needless to say, now I do. And you can too!

Why you should even Bitmoji
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How to use Bitmoji in Snapchat
How to use Bitmoji in iMessage
How to use Bitmoji in any app
How to use Bitmoji when nothing else works

Why you should even Bitmoji

The cool thing about Bitmoji is you don’t just build one cartoon version of yourself, you build a set of characteristics that the app maps to dozens of cartoons. New ones rotate in and out all the time as well, for special holidays, for movie premieres, and simply for variety. Needless to say, I bombarded people with them. In Slack. Anywhere and everywhere I could.

From there it spread quickly to our editor-at-large, Georgia Dow — although based on the Bitmoji she created she fancies herself Jean Grey — and soon we were having entire conversations in Bitmoji.

My mother and sister created them as well, and soon they were sending me Bitmoji on a regular basis. My boss installed it and I was getting Bitmoji Kevin which, for anyone who’s ever met Kevin, knows thats about as meta as you can get.

I’ve even had execs, and reps from a wide variety of companies send them to me once in a while.

The reason why is simple — sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand emotions.

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