Network Expert is a free app that deeply detects your device for any mobile security threats and protects your Android phone from those threats.

✔ Free VPN Service
✔ Network Protection
✔ Wi-Fi Spy Detect
✔ Speed Test
✔ Secure Hotspot
✔ Data Expert
✔ Real-time Speed Notification
✔ CPU & Memory Monitor

Network Expert is a professional network master. With only one tap on “Auto Detect”, Network Expert will check up the security of Wi–Fi, the status of your phone and the speed of your network. Network Expert will be the best choice for you to solve various issues related to network and Wi-Fi for you. We aim to keep your phone in the best status.


1. VPN Service:
Secure, and fast connection to websites and apps for free. You can browse securely with Network Expert!

2. Network Protection:
Detect DNS, ARP attacks, SSL certificates. Protect network security and avoid using unsafe Wi-Fi or phishing hotspots.

3. Wi-Fi Spy Detect:
Someone’s intruding your Wi-Fi in your backyard? Here we come! Network Expert can list out the device connected to your Wi-Fi. You can put any of them into Black List and change your password right away.

4. Speed Test:
Detect and analyze your network speed to find out network problem.

5. Secure Hotspot:
Turn your mobile phone into a secure router. Then you can share your data with your friends anywhere.

6. Data Expert:
– We can help you monitor your data using as well as remind you data limits. No more overusing data!
Real-time speed notification. You can check up your network speed at any time!
– Detect background apps which are wasting data and stop them automatically.
– Make your own daily mobile data report. We help you calculate the consumption of traffic for each app as an expert.

7. CPU & Memory Monitor:
You can check up your process information. Stop the background applications to cool down phone CPU temperature.

Contact us:
We value your feedback very much. If you have any questions or any new needs for our product, welcome to contact us by email.


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Category: Communication
Requirements: 4.1 and up