NBA GENERAL MANAGER 2018: THE OFFICAL LICENSED MANAGER from NBA 2018! Download the best basketball manager game for FREE! Lead the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and all the other NBA teams with best players like Lebron James, Stephen Curry or James Harden and be the best General Manager of the 2017 NBA live! LINEUP your 2018 dream squad football NOW!

NBA General Manager 2018 brings you the real feeling of crushing your unpredictable opponents by lining up your dream squad. Sign guards, centers and forwards of the Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and other franchises. Get the best superstar basketball in your astonishing team! All can be found in the most addictive basketball manager game – the new NBA General Manager 2018!

There are three modes that you can choose: head-2-head games, tournaments, or league, get equipped for your team to be unbeatable in this astonishing game. Offense wins games, but defense wins basketball championships. Get your tactical strategy in all the tournaments to lineup your dream squad and make a slam dunk basketball.

The value of your players is the core of NBA General Manager, it’s real! These values vary according to their performances in real-life games, make sure that you get all superstar basketball you need to create your very own dream squad. This is the chance to get 2018 NBA players like Stephen Curry, James Harden or Lebron James and lead the greatest franchises basketball teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, New York Knicks or Cleveland Cavaliers.

With NBA General Manager 2018, you can play and challenge your friends and other users. In this strategic game, you work hard to get superstar basketball and build the best basketball team ever, win big games and beat your forceful opponents. Your own astonishing team, all astonishing tournaments of NBA playoffs, thousands of forceful opponents! NBA live!

★ Officially licensed from NBA 2018
★ Lineup your dream squad with the greatest players to beat your opponents
★ Various options for competing against your unpredictable opponents: head-2-head games, tournaments, or the league
★ The players’ value reflects their true performance which helps you determine which basketball star to lineup, and get to high-ranked matches
★ Real games against your friends or thousands of other forceful opponents

Download the new NBA General Manager and be the authentic General Manager of your favorite NBA 2018 team. It’s the most addicted game in which NBA lovers can experience the NBA live, leading players such as Stephen Curry, Lebron James and James Harden, and franchise basketballs such as the Miami Heat, New York Knicks and more! Be a basketball manager! Get this NBA live mobile game from General Manager 2018!

To be able to play this application of the NBA live, you need the internet connection. This application offers integrated purchases. You can deactivate them in your device settings.
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This application needs you to accept the “Privacy Policy” and the “Legal Notice”. It contains advertisements of “From The Bench, SL” and of their partners, includes advertisements in game, reunites data through analysis technology and the delivery of third party advertisements including the location based on the network and GPS. It also contains direct links to social networks for those older than 13 years of age as well as direct links to the Internet.

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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up