Natural Soccer is an award-winning, fun arcade football game with fast-paced action, accurate physics and intuitive controls.


⚽ Highly playable
⚽ Brilliant ball physics
⚽ Full and direct control of the ball, including “Aftertouch”
⚽ Fast & smooth graphics
⚽ 4 different pitches to play on – each with unique characteristics
⚽ Simple controls – easy to learn, hard to master
⚽ Full support of (common) controllers and gamepads
⚽ Powerful AI for both CPU opponents and goal keepers
⚽ Sliding tackles with fouls, bookings, free kicks & penalties
⚽ Different Formations to choose from
⚽ Play vertically or horizontally, alter camera height and tilt
⚽ Over 200 teams with more than 2.200 individual, carefully crafted players
⚽ Offside Rule
⚽ League Mode
⚽ Atmospheric stadium sound

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Category: Sports
Requirements: 4.0 and up