Communication system between boaters-dock girls — This app will allow boaters to communicate with Dock Girls as soon as they are able to see them & vice versa. Nothing is more frustrating then traveling by water to a bar or restaurant, only to get there & not have any parking available.
This app will allow you to see what parking is available, alert the Dock Girl to what slip you have selected so they know to come tie you up, it also alerts them as to when you are leaving, it lets other boats know when you are leaving, and it also allows you to order food & drinks from your boat while parking so you can avoid lines.
Who wants to drive 45 minutes, then turn around and wait 2 hours for a table? Huge band playing? Reserve the slip for the day? Maybe? It’s up to the restaurant owner…
The goal with this app is to ease the job of the Dock Girls as well as streamline the

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Category: Travel & Local
Requirements: 4.3 and up