Music Messenger is an innovative mobile app to better enjoy the YouTube music library.

Labeled by the press as the ‘world’s music messaging service’, we like to refer to ourselves as a solid music streaming service, with perks.

We love YouTube, we just were not that fond of the YouTube mobile experience and feel that Music Messenger is in reality –
YouTube music done right, or at least for us.

Search practically any song in the world, in any language, message it to anyone on your contact list or add it to a playlist, that simple.

A completely free and friendly service, with over 10 million users world-wide!


• Explore Music, search any song on YouTube
• Create Playlists, organize your music library
• Send and Receive Songs or entire Playlists, share music with friends easily
• Make it Yours, personalize your music messages with a cover photo and text


We’re always happy to hear from you! If you have any feedback or concerns please email us at: or visit

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Category: Music & Audio
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up