Moodpath is an interactive two-week depression screening program that tracks your emotional and physical wellbeing and your personal mental health assessment that you can discuss with therapists.


★ Two-week depression screening
★ Assessment of your mental health
★ Understand the psychology behind your mood
★ Use Moodpath as a mood journal/mood diary
★ The assessment helps you to speak out to healthcare practitioners


Experiencing symptoms of depression like sadness, loss of energy, inner unrest, self doubt or sleep problems once in a while is nothing uncommon and part of being human. But if you feel that these complaints last longer than a couple of days and that they become a burden affecting many areas of your daily life, you might want to check up on your mental health. Moodpath is a depression app that helps you to track, monitor and reflect upon such complaints in a structured manner over the course of two weeks. At the end of the program, you will receive a detailed summary that you can also share with healthcare practitioners, e.g. therapists, psychiatrists or general physicians. During the screening period, you finde helpful information on detecting a depression, psychotherapy and mental health.


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Download the depression app Moodpath now and take the test.

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