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Monster Hunter World Database AdFree

This is the paid version of MHWDB. The free version can be found here:

MHW DB offers you a quick and easy way to view Monser Hunter World related information.
No more need for a guide for every single monster.

– Large and small monster locations, weaknesses, item drops, carves and quest rewards for both high and low rank
– Armor planner to create your own loadout
– Weapon trees with each weapon’s stats and required materials
– Armor list of all sets and pieces along with their respective skills
– Overview of all skills available in the game with descriptions of each level
– List of canteen food skills and how to activate them
– Real time search function to quickly pull up the information you are looking for
– No internet connection required, all data is stored locally on your phone

Why does the app not include images of the monsters and icons for damage types?
Images and icons used in MHW are copyrighted by Capcom. As I do not intend to infringe on their intellectual property I decided to use only the raw information.