Mississippi Seafood / Gulf Seafood Connection

Gulf Seafood Connection is the domestic fisherman’s modern approach to marketing and selling locally harvested seafood directly to the local consumer and around the country.

Inefficiencies in the seafood marketplace have resulted in local fishermen being crushed economically and forced out of a competitive position by low seafood prices at the unloading dock while the American consumer pays top dollar for lesser quality imported products at the retail level.

Gulf Seafood Connection is local fishermen taking back control of their livelihoods.

Gulf Seafood Connection’s mission is to achieve a socially and economically responsible price level for both domestic fishermen as well as consumers by eliminating market inefficiencies and recapturing the local American seafood producer’s market share.

Gulf Seafood Connection enables local fishermen to expand their local market share and explore new markets through the use of web based platforms and social media campaigns by offering customers the convenience of the internet and allowing fishermen the ability to reach a limitless audience.

The founder of Gulf Seafood Connection grew up in a family of fishermen and has been personally involved in the wholesale and retail seafood industry for more than 35 years, including being a deckhand, a dock worker, factory worker, seafood market owner, and truck driver. After studying Electronic Commerce and completing his graduate studies, he has returned to work for the industry he loves. Gulf Seafood Connection recognizes and understands the current state of the industry and intends to break the cycle of dependence and help local fishermen interact directly with the seafood buying public.

However, the most important part of Gulf Seafood Connection is the network of local fishermen that combine hard work and the desire to succeed with the most modern approach to product sales and marketing available. These fishermen live all along the Gulf of Mexico and represent the dreams of generations of hard working Americans.

Gulf Seafood Connection allows the seafood buying public constant and direct access to product that has been historically hard to access; especially in its freshest possible condition. Through the full use of technology and information sharing, the consumer can now enjoy seafood fresh from the water within hours instead of days, weeks, or even months after it was harvested, allowing them to enjoy the full experience of taste and freshness available.

The imported shrimp industry does not debate the fact that locally harvested seafood products are healthier, safer for consumption, and more flavorful than artificially grown and harvested products. Instead, they have focused on price and availability. Gulf Seafood Connection allows the American seafood buying consumer to consider locally harvested products on a level playing field with imported products as to price and availability by efficiently providing access to local seafood and eliminating the necessity of intervening factors such as wholesale docks, factories, and distributors that have historically increased the cost of locally produced seafood products.

The seafood industry has already changed, and if the business that has supported fishermen’s families for generations and fed generations living in the Gulf region is going to continue, local producers must evolve also. The Gulf Seafood Connection cooperative approach is the key to that change and to ensuring the success of the local seafood economy.

For more information, visit us on Facebook at Gulf Seafood Connection, or on the web at www.GulfSeafoodConnection.Com.