The Minnesota Wildflowers Info. app was developed to serve as a complete, offline compliment to the renowned website:

The full version currently contains profiles for 1,450 plants with over 12,000 images covering:
•42 Aquatics
•53 Ferns & Fern Allies
•1031 Forbs
•69 Grasses
•23 Rushes
•149 Sedges
•125 Shrubs
•80 Trees

Each plant’s profile contains a detailed description with insights into how it is distinguished from similar plants, a distribution map for Minnesota, a table of traits and general information, and images. A complete list of plants that are known to occur in MN is also included.

A layman friendly, multi-access key assists with the identification of plants. As traits are selected in the multi-access key, plants that do not have the trait are eliminated and traits that do not serve to narrow the results are grayed out. A glossary, that can be accessed through the multi-access key, describes and illustrates examples of the traits.

Two plant profiles can be compared at once, side-by-side, by turning on the “Comparison View” setting within the app.

All questions and feedback should be sent to:

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Category: Education
Requirements: 5.1 and up