Get into a new world of adventures, where you can craft everything. Choose between survival or creative mods, or even play against your friends in a multiplayer world. Create your own world or play with others – it’s up to you.
Survive the night. On survival mod, make sure you build your shelter on time. You have limited resources and there are different creatures and animals that might harm you. Be on the watch from huge spiders or zombies. View different terrains and different blocks that can be used for different creations. Be creative and let your imagination flow as you arrange the settings in your new environment.
Enjoy an endless 3d game. The environment is endless what makes it fun and powerful – you have unlimited options. Let your imagination run free. See different animals in different worlds, in different terrains – sand, snow, grass and more.
Be creative. You can play on creative mod where you have unlimited amount of resources. You can be at your own pace, where no one is trying to hurt you and you don’t have to prepare a shelter for night time. Just enjoy the fun of making new creations and viewing them.
Play against others. Log in to a server and enjoy a multiplayer experience. Get a fast and reliable adventure. You can start chatting with others in the group chat, where you can introduce yourself or just talk about the game itself.
Great set of features – have a map that shows you where you are located in the world. Also have a range view option where you can see better what is happening far away.
Start flying anywhere. If you are looking for a wider perspective or just want to get somewhere fast, you can start using flying mode. You can just click on the airplane icon and set the height by pressing it again or pressing the icon underneath it.
Our game is free. It is free an it is supported by ads. Our app is based on a Multicraft open source project.
Please leave your reviews, we will appreciate your support – if you enjoyed our game go ahead and rate us. You can always send us email to our support, so we can handle any issues.
Thank you.

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Category: Arcade
Requirements: 4.1 and up