Parents and children will love memorizing verses in this Bible memory app that coordinates with the Awana Sparks HangGlider program. Includes all the Awana songs. Kids love the audio recording capability. Children can see, hear, record, sing and say verses and play several different activities to help them commit verses to memory. Tracks memory and review status for multiple participants and gives points for their memory/review activity. As reward, participants pick animals to “help Noah load the ark” and hear the animal sounds.

Features and Benefits –
– Encourages memorization and review of Bible verses
– Includes all Awana Sparks HangGlider songs to add fun and help memorization
– Make audio recordings and play back to check your recitation
– Includes all memory verses in the Awana Sparks HangGlider book, plus all of the extra credit verses for the HangGlider program
– Verses are currently available in ESV, NKJV, KJV and NIV versions. Also available for a limited time in the NIV84 version.
– Parents can easily track a child’s progress in the app to see whether a child has memorized or reviewed assigned verses

Players Experience
– Sing along with your favorite Awana songs as you memorize your verses
– Make an audio recording of a verse and then play it back as a memory aid
– See, hear, sing and say Bible verses
– Try memory activities such as Phrase (show a phrase at a time), Word Take-Away, and Initials (show just the first letter of each word in the verse)
– Place animals in Noah’s ark as a reward for points earned in memory and review – hear the lion growl and the elephant trumpet!
– Players choose secret code names instead of using their real names (part of our Child Online Privacy Protection)

Heads Up: This memory app includes the Awana HangGlider memory verse songs, which makes it a very large file. Plan on extra time for the download from GooglePlay.

All songs © Awana Clubs International. Sparks images © 2008-2010 Awana Clubs International. The Awana Theme Song, Sparks songs, and Sparks images are used by permission of Awana Clubs International. Battle Gear, LLC is solely responsible for the software application. Battle Gear, LLC is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, Awana Clubs International.

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Category: Education
Requirements: 4.4 and up