A lukewarm welcome to the lovers of drift racing as here everything is in abundance which can satiate their thirst of the mega ramp of car racing games. This game has been specially designed for those players who have been tired by the static action of the simple and monotonous car parking games with less expeditions and very slow action. It is totally an pioneering amend in city car driving because here the player has the assortment of some special thrills and vibrations of the impossible games during the course of controlling his driving simulator of car drifting games. It attracts and repels the sympathy of the lovers of car stunts in the sports car driving where he will enjoy the multifaceted tang of crazy stunts of crash racing. Here, the player enjoys the action what he used to enjoy by playing a long list of street racing of muscle car games. Take a step ahead and be the part of this car driving simulator and perform the stunt driving by avoiding the car crash and be the legend of stunt cars of multidimensional demolition derbies. This off routine driving is with different concept as you have to do what is not the case in car driving games and you have to jump off from different heights in this sports car racing and take off in the air to claim the right stunt parking in the specified places of this hard parking. You must be very agile and careful in the process of parking your ramp car during your stay in this off road driving by avoiding the car demolition.

It is the real test of your parking skills where you have to clear the stages by moving your vehicle on impossible tracks of stunt games. There is no time to be careless while controlling your car parking simulator as your slight negligence may be the source of your failure in these impossible stunts which are more difficult and dangerous from the ramp stunts of luxury car games. To perform the action of the rooftop stunts, you must take a high speed from an angle slope by keeping in mind the next rooftop jump. After having the desired speed in this ramp jump, take the jump off the track by focusing on the parking area of the free style stunts where you have to land your motor. There is strict time limit for these speed stunts which are purely dissimilar from the heavy and slow moving truck stunts which the player are in the habit to avail in stereo type and static monster truck. There are hurdles on the tracks of this mega ramp from where you have to take speed before taking the desired jump of stunt racing games. The tracks are different from car racing games with different environments like city, desert, sea, mountains and green land of car drifting games. Grab this chance to test your mettles of car parking games and set new dimensions for the future generations.

Category: Simulation
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up