The application “Mathematics game” is a set of fascinating mathematical tasks, on logic which are included in a certain level system.
Features of gameplay
The game is a classic puzzle game based on the score. The player can take actions: multiplication, division, as well as the amount and difference.
The task at each level is non-standard math tasks, which you need to solve correctly by spending a minimum of time. A user-friendly interface, minimal graphics and easy management based on tapas, allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game process and without any problems to understand all its subtleties.
Like all training games, this application is based on the principles of fixing the best result and the great variability of tasks.
Mathematical games improve logical thinking and computational abilities, thanks to them there is an accelerated development of the brain, while they are not intrusive and interesting. Similar exercises in mathematics can be combined with classical mathematical problems and examples from textbooks.
Advantages and main advantages
The application is thoroughly worked out and thought out, so that the game process is interesting and informative. This game, a kind of IQ test, with which you can greatly improve your thinking ability.
Digital game on the account is an accessible mathematics for children, which can really interest them and instill love for exact sciences.
Main advantages:
– A large number of tasks;
– Intuitive control;
– Thought-out level system;
– Good brain training;
– Stylish design.
Train and learn mathematical subtleties with your friends, compete, set records and share your impressions. The application is always at hand, and it means that you can always practice a little.

Category: Educational
Requirements: 4.1 and up