The goal of the game is to clear the board by finding all the matches. Flip over two cards and if they match, they are removed from the board. Mismatch them and the board gets a little mixed up.

Element tokens help you clear the board. You start each level with some and as you play you randomly get more.
* Wind – flips all cards in a row / column face-up, one by one, for a bit
* Fire – removes the selected card and another matching card
* Ice – freezes the board, so a mismatch will not cause the board to change
* Earth – flips all cards face-up for a bit
* Water – selected card and surrounding cards won’t move on a mismatch for 3 turns
* Light – selected card and surrounding cards will be visible even while faced down for 3 turns

Contains the following mix-up types
* Swap colors
* Swap cards
* First card swaps
* Both cards swap
* First swaps anywhere
* Both swap anywhere

There is also a free version available which is fully functional

The free version is limited to the first 4 element tokens and the first 2 mismatch types

MaterialShowcaseView library used for app intro

Copyright 2015 Dean Wild

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Category: Brain Games Casual
Requirements: 4.0 and up