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Dollar Cash Rewards gives you invites for Apps to share with facebook messenger. For every share , we pay you real $$$. Thats it! You recommend Apps to friends via messenger and get cash rewards.

> Invite All Your Friends and get paid for every recommendation!
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★ Other reward apps always offer the same thing. Dollar Cash Rewards is completely new! No more running out of offers, no more watching videos for hours to get tiny rewards. Get paid real $ for others trying new Apps.

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★ Dollar Cash Rewards
1. Simply share recommendations for a fun App given to you!
2. Earn for every friend who sees your recommendation!
3. You can get either an Amazon voucher or we pay you directly on Paypal! EASY PAYOUTS!
4. Think how many friends you have on Facebook and how quickly you can make fast Cash!
5. Also loads of other easy ways to make quick dollars on your phone.

★How to Start
1. Download Make Money – Dollar Cash Rewards
2. Share the App-recommendation!
3. Super easy to cashout via Paypal or Amazon!
4. Basically work from home.

For any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

We reward you big with dollars for Sharing Fun Apps!

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