when you are done with stronglifts 5×5 routine or you are advanced lifter you do madcow 5×5 routine.
Madcow 5×5 app is for logging your training routine.
The madcow 5×5 app determines whether it should increase barbell weights on weekly basis.
You decide want weight you want to add on weekly basis.
You can view your previous workout history.
Ops! Entered wrong data ? No worries. Just hit “Delete last workout”!
Madcow 5×5 gives you the ability to delete all your workout data in the settings.
Madcow 5×5 has a simple user friendly interface. Manage your entire training routine with a press of a button!
madcow app is easy to use.
Charts to show your progression much easier

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Category: Sports
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up