Luna, the smart period tracker, helps you view the past period time, and provides accurate info about future period, ovulation and fertility dates. No matter you just want to track your cycle, or to know when the best time to get pregnant is, or to mark the birth control way you take, Luna can deal with all your issues. If you are pregnant, this app is also suitable for you with unique pregnancy pattern.

-Have you ever forget your period time and feel embarrassed to find a pat?
-Do you want to know your period is regular or not?
-Do you want to find out your ovulation and fertility dates to improve the rate of pregnancy?
-Do you want to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of your body?

Now, it’s time to download Luna and start your record!

How to use Luna ?
Just 4 simple steps:
Step 1 ▶Answer some basic questions and let us know more about your period situation
Step 2 ▶Slide the button to know your period, fertility and safe dates on Luna Page
Step 3 ▶Mark your period time and keep your own period diary with calendar on Record Page
Step 4 ▶Check the analyses and charts about your health status on Analysis Page

Features details :

===Precise Forecast===
After you enter your general information about your period time, Luna will analyze and predict your cycle, period, ovulation and fertility dates. The more and accurate info you give, the more precise prediction we can provide.

===Intimate Note===
Record the sex frequency, the way of birth control you take, and whether you achieve orgasm or not. Keep tracking your delightful sex life from now on.

===Pregnancy Pattern===
If you’re pregnant, we can help you record your entire pregnancy period with different baby images so you can know every change of your baby. If you’re trying to get pregnant, it can also help you note every effort you try.

===Detailed Record===
Apart from marking when your period starts and ends, you can also record many other things such as your flow, pain status, intercourse, moods, temperature, weight, sleep time, sports habits and so on. Therefore, you could keep you own period diary.

Besides, over 30 types of expression about your mood and symptoms are supplied, so you could choose the best one to describe your feelings and situation.

===Comprehensive Analyses and report===
If you insist on recording, you will receive professional analyses from your record data. Different graphs about your cycle, sex, sleep, weight will be shown to you, so you can know the changes of your body during different time, and take measures to better control your health .

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Requirements: 4.1 and up